hardship Process


We understand emergencies are never planned and can be a burden on your finances. Bennington Rescue Squad is always willing to work with you to help ease the burden on your financial obligations.


We understand that medical bills may cause ‘sticker shock’ when looking at the cost of providing Emergency Medical Care. We are willing to discuss many options that may assist you in paying your outstanding balance. Contact our Business Office (802-442-5817) to discuss what options we may have for you!  


In extreme cases, Bennington Rescue does have a process to assist you with all or a portion of your outstanding balance. This process takes into consideration your total current income and size of your family.  Then utilizing national poverty guidelines, we may reduce or write-off your outstanding bill. If you do not meet the financial criteria for our hardship policy, we can schedule a payment plan with you.  

The hardship process does require supporting documentation. This could include but is not limited to:

  • A completed Hardship Application – REQUIRED

  • Recent Pay Check Stubs for all members of the household

  • W-2 Withholding Statements

  • Income Tax Return(s)

  • Medicare Income Form (SSA-1099)

The supporting documentation required for your application is listed in the required documentation of the application. Bennington Rescue Squad may request further documentation to support your application, and this must be provided within 14 days of the request.  The hardship determination outcome is valid only for the invoice specified on the approved application.

Hardship Application

Download Hardship Application 

Please send your completed application to the Bennington Rescue Squad by one of the following methods:

Email: billing@benningtonrescue.org

Fax: (802)447-1193

Post:   Bennington Rescue Squad 120 McKinley Street, Bennington, VT 05201


Contact our dedicated Business Office Staff at (802) 442-5817 for any inquiries you may have. The business office is open from 8AM until 4:30PM business days, excluding holidays.