bennington rescue squad


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  • Forest Weyen
    MBA, Paramedic
    Executive Director

    Forest Weyen is the Executive Director of Bennington Rescue Squad. Forest has worked for EMS agencies from small volunteer agencies to large urban services, including spending a year assisting with the development of the EMS Service in Doha, Qatar and working for the Kentucky Board of EMS. Forest has a Bachelor’s in Emergency Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Masters in Business Administration from West Virginia University and has completed a one year post graduate administrative fellowship in healthcare administration.

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  • Bill Camarda
    MS, Critical Care Paramedic
    Deputy Executive Director

    Bill Camarda is the Director of Operations of Bennington Rescue Squad. Bill’s experience includes small volunteer agencies to large combination services (ambulance, fly car, and specialty care transport). Bill’s background includes supervisory and managerial experience in operations, quality, and education. Bill has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Thomas Edison State College and a Masters in Science with subspecialty in Healthcare Administration from New England College. Bill is also GE Healthcare trained as a Lean Greenbelt.

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  • Mike Buttigieg
    Director of Operations

    Coming Soon!


Chairperson Brian Peat
  • Michael Condon
    NRP, AS

Chairperson Brian Peat
  • Kiel Jeffery

    Coming Soon!

Chairperson Brian Peat
  • Katie Vandale
    B.S., NR-P, I/C

    CPR Education/Employee Health and Safety Coordinator


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